Thursday, 18 August 2011

TIPS untuk Final Exam

Entri ni aq bwat untuk aq sendiri yg agak mlss...

Bace jgn malas..

1) Telefon mak ayah selalu ( do call parents )
2) Baca buku/nota/slide ( read lecture /slide notes )
3) Buat soalan tahun-tahun lepas ( do past year/semester questions )
4) Baca Al-Quran selalu ( read Al-Quran )
5) Solat awal waktu ( keep praying on time )
6) Jaga makan minum ( eat healthy foods )
7) Puasa Sunat selalu ( fasting )
8) Jauhi maksiat ( behave well )


  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Study Solo

While studying with your friends may be fun, it’s usually not a great final exam tip. Studying alone is much more productive!
If you’ve chosen the class that’s right for you, you won’t get bored!
You’re better off alone, in a quiet space (such as your college library) where you can easily concentrate and have minimal distractions in order to remember the information you are studying.

  • Read the Directions Carefully
  • Remain Calm
  • Stay Until the End of the Exam Period
  • Pay Attention in Class


Success is not a destination, it's a journey. Let's strive the best for the Final Examination

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